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Find The Best Art

Come visit us now to explore and witness some of the best creations by local and international artists in Sydney. Get access to the best art in the city done by artists who create with passion, energy, creativity, heart and vision. Get moved by fine creations!

A Beloved Tourist Destination

Whether you are a local or coming to Sydney from another state or country, we are a must visit place. Over the years, many art lovers travelling to the city have come to Harrison Galleries for our excellent and grandiose exhibition. Come here to meet other art appreciators!

Learn from Art

Art is stimulating, growing and ever evolving making it a superb teacher for children, adults, and older people. You can visit our gallery to learn about colours, composition, aesthetics, modernism, and traditionalism. Let us help you find your calling!

A Place for All

Art is a visual medium that excites not only adults but children and toddlers as well. Therefore, Harrison Galleries is a place for all. You can come here alone while pursuing your passion for art. Or, you can visit us with friends, family members, and others.

Excellent for Art Research

Interested in researching about art from various indigenous or international artists? We are the perfect place for exploring various pieces and get the knowledge you require. Visit us to talk to artists, fellow art lovers and our team to help your search and research for art.

Great Exhibitions

We, at Harrison Galleries, host some of the best exhibition in the Sydney. You can visit our gallery to be part of the latest art showcases. Get in touch with us for getting your art displayed and sold. You can also contact us for learning about upcoming events and more!



A vibrant piece with amalgamation of beautiful colours

By Natasha Caleb

A vibrant piece with amalgamation of beautiful colours

By Natasha Caleb

Lovely flowers painted to precision with blues, oranges, and reds

By Christopher Mackey

Wonderful art piece depicting celestial brilliance with nuisance

By Landon Bell


Harrison Galleries is one of the best and award-winning places for art by budding and established artists. Since the establishment of the gallery, we have created loyal clients by selling beautiful and moving art. As an artist, we can be your platform for showcasing your creations and get you exposure like you have never witnessed.

Within a few years, we have become one of the popular places for creative artists, art lovers and investors of these highly-expensive beauties. We give you a platform where you showcase your unique collection of work through art pieces. Our gallery displays pieces of traditional and contemporary art, aboriginal art, creative stuff and photography, and that’s why people across Australia visit us.

We are running this gallery with the mission to assist the budding artists of Australia so that they can get deserving appreciation and money by showcasing their masterpiece. You can call us or visit us to know more about our gallery.


Catherine Jones: Fantasy of Fairy Tale

Explore a unique and mesmerising collection of fantasy and fairy tale inspired work of art by local artist Catherine Jones. This collection is not only enjoyable for adults but for children and teenagers as well.

  • March 15, 2021 - June 28, 2021
  • Entry Age: 8 years and above
Linda Symore: Contemporary Photography Exhibition

Watch this artist capture the beauty of passion and love. The photographs are beautiful, captivating and excellent for expression of emotions.

  • February 28, 2021 - April 28, 2021
  • Entry Age: 18 years and above
Andrew Mathews: Nature’s Essence

Get lost in the enchanting, solemn, and sombre paintings by Andrew Mathews. His paintings show nature, tree, earth, and many other elemental representations.

  • January 31, 2021 – February 21, 2021
  • Entry Age: 15 years and above
Richard Gartner: Beauty and Serenity Collection

In his one of a kind collection, Richard Gartner shared a series of painting done with pretty colours, flowers, and soft texture. Most paintings are portraits made in water colours.

  • January 01, 2021 – February 15, 2021
  • Entry Age: 5 years and above


Exhibiting Art

As a reckoned gallery, we understand our responsibility to help good art be showcased and give joy to art lovers not only in Sydney but also travellers coming from other states or countries. Therefore, our team does its best to select moving, creative, serene, and good art pieces by local and international artists. So, come visit us now.

Selling Art

One of the prime reasons we display art at Harrison Galleries is to help budding and established artists sell their creations. The prices are realistically set by our experts after reviewing the pieces and market trends. Thus, you can rest assured everything up for sale at the gallery is fairly priced to compensate the artists & our gallery well.


We check the documentation that comes with any artwork also known as provenance before displaying it in our gallery. The provenance helps us verify the piece and ensure the artwork is original and genuine. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who carry the verification and background check of every art piece we sell at Harrison Galleries.

Quality Check

Although we appreciate art in all shapes and forms, we still perform a quality check of artworks to make sure our visitors and clients get the best pieces by hardworking and talented artists. We understand the importance of maintaining structural integrity of artwork and ensure they can remain well even after years of adorning walls of any place.


We want our clients to get all the artwork they want. Therefore, our team of experts provide honest and reliable advice while clients make their decisions for buying or renting any piece by artists we have exhibited. To know more, please contact us via call or email to get an revert as soon a possible.

Support New Talent

Great art work is made by talent and passion for the craft. Thus, we make sure new and budding artists are given a platform to showcase their art and make a name for themselves in the world of art. We host competitions, workshops, exhibitions and much more to encourage new talent and art work in Sydney.


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