7 Best Art Galleries in Sydney in 2022


7 Best Art Galleries in Sydney in 2022

  • 18-October-2022
  • Admin

Sydney is a creative city with arts from multiple artists belongings to different communities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It is the melting pot of Australia and home to hundreds of art lovers and creators. Therefore, the art scene of Sydney is lit and brimming. Since there are so many excellent galleries in town, it’s common to feel confused and not know where to start, whether you are a local or a tourist. To help ease your confusion and prevent you from missing great artwork, here is a list of seven of the best art galleries in Sydney. Take a look

  1. Museum Of Contemporary Art (MCA)

Want to explore art free of cost? Visit the MCA at Circular Quay alone or with family. This place is the best for significant exhibitions throughout the year. You can spend hours exploring paintings, sculptures and more at this place and have a great time. On the roof top, there is also a café for dining. From there, you can also view the Sydney Opera House.

  1. Art Gallery NSW

Located in the Central Business District, the Art Gallery NSW is the most prominent gallery in the city and takes a more traditional route. You can find a host of renowned paintings and sculptures like the Archibald Exhibition, Year of the moon, Maurya and more. The Gallery is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

  1. Wentworth Gallery

Another wonderful art gallery in Sydney CBD is the Wentworth Gallery, where you can find contemporary and aboriginal art. What’s more, the gallery is known for letting artwork on rent for commercial and residential spaces. You can also lease art for a long term if you want paintings for months.

  1. White Rabbit Gallery

The White Rabbit is a reckoned name in the art world of Sydney and a must-visit place for locals and tourists. This gallery is privately owned and located in Chippendale behind the Central Park building. It houses the largest 21st-century Chinese art and has a highly modern collection. You will be mesmerised by the sculptures hanging on the walls and the ceilings. Besides the art, you can enjoy great Chinese tea and cuisine in the café.

  1. SH Ervin Gallery

Being Sydney’s prominent art institution, you can find a host of historical and contemporary Australian art here. It hosts multiple art exhibitions yearly and showcases the renowned work of famous artists like Kathleen O’Connor, Margo Lewers, Jean Bellette, Euan Macleod etc. The gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday: 11 am-5 pm.

  1. The Rocks

Explore limited edition art by Australian and Aboriginal artists. This gallery is the ideal place for locals and tourists wanting to spend browsing wonderful works by emerging and established artists. Even if you have an hour or less to explore art, make sure to visit this wonderful place.

  1. Artspace

This gallery is reckoned for never being boring, as art here is always changing and evolving. Artists can create and present art here, making it a must-visit for every art lover in town. Moreover, you can interact with artists and talk about their art.

When To Visit

All these galleries are open all year round to exhibit traditional artwork and modern creations. You can find productions by established artists in Australia and the world over. Additionally, like Harrison Galleries, most of these galleries put up work by emerging Australian and aboriginal artists to encourage regional work.

If you want to explore specific exhibitions before visiting Sydney, it is best to look at these galleries’ websites to see the shows’ timings. Once you have the dates and timing, you can easily plan your visit and make sure to catch artwork by your favourite artists. In addition to knowing the right time to visit, exploring the galleries’ websites will allow you to know whether the show has a ticket fee or you can enter for free.


Art is a major part of Sydney, as it is an international city with various established and emerging artists. What’s more, the city is reckoned for its communities, ethnicities, and people from all walks of life. Thus, if you are in Sydney and an art lover, make sure to visit all of the galleries mentioned above. Also, while you are here, don’t forget to visit Harrison Galleries as well!


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