About Us


Harrison Galleries is not a place where art is just showcased, it is a place where is discovered, shared, enjoyed, and loved. Since its establishment in 2015, our gallery has showcased the best art available in the city by new and upcoming artists as well as established artists. In a short span of time, we have become a hub for art lovers and appreciators of beauty. At our gallery you can find a collection of artworks. We displace pieces of contemporary art, photography, aboriginal art, modern art, and much more. Whether you are an artist, collector of art pieces, or an explorer, you can feel right at home with us. At Harrison galleries, we sell good art, stock excellent creations, and help talented people make a name for themselves. Our mission is to help with the advancement of the Australian art forms and enable residents of the city or anyone travelling to enjoy or buy pieces by emerging and established artists. We have paintings, graffiti, photographs, and many other artworks which you can appreciate and take home.


Everyone Loves It

Whether its children, teens, adults, or older people at Harrison Galleries everyone feels welcome. We are a place where art lovers irrespective of age can view and appreciate creations by passionate creators.

Popular Tourist Attraction

People visiting Sydney often come to pour gallery for buying and exploring aboriginal art, modern pieces, and other types of artworks. We are a popular tourist destination where you can enjoy art with art lovers, across the state, country or the world.

Get Educated

Harrison Galleries is not only an excellent place to buy and explore art, it is a wonderful place to learn and gain knowledge as well. Over the years, we have become a great attraction for art students in Sydney because of the learning opportunities presented by our establishment.

Great Artwork

We believe in keeping genuine and original artwork which is why we don’t choose quantity over quality. At our gallery, you can find some of the most unique, creative, and wonderful art by new and experienced artists.

Aboriginal Art

Since we have a collection of many types of arts and we have experts with years of experience, our gallery is a great place to learn about art. You can come to us for academic or any other research.

A bird’s eye view of the city

Privileged views of the city from the terrace, the big restaurant and the viewpoint of the museum.


At Harrisons Galleries we cater to every need of art lovers and collectors. We help people invest in art by local or international artists to decorate their homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and many other places. We offer a plethora of services to help artists as well as people who want to buy art. However, our prime services include gallery services, framing and shipping services, and art consulting services.

  • Gallery Services:

    Get your art and photography collections displayed at Harrison Galleries and get a chance to make a name in the art world.

  • Framing and Shipping Services:

    If you have bought art from us, we offer framing and shipping services for all the artwork we sell.

  • Residential Art Consulting:

    Need art to personalise your home? Visit us to get artwork from various artists that match your vibe.

  • Commercial Art Consulting:

    Our consulting services are not restricted to residential properties, as we have art that looks good in any office.

Get Guided Tours

Get Guided Tours

Our team comprises of guides who are well-versed in giving tours to individuals, couples or a large group of people. They can provide tours to groups of children to education or entertainment.

Depending on which exhibitions are on display, we can arrange for tours of 60-90 minutes. In addition to the art, you get an introduction to the gallery during the tour.

Important Notice: To book tours kindly get in touch with us at least two weeks before visiting.

Our Core Team

Kimberly Whyte


Andrew Henderson

Director of Sales

Ricardo Kavanagh

Logistics and Operations Manager

Gabriel Mathew

PR and Marketing Manager

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