15 Jun
Discover the Art and Culture Scene in Sydney
The capital city of New South Wales is renowned for its diversified culture and well-preserved art scene. Sydney is a home to numerous popular art galleries, grand theatres, engaging architecture and top-rated exhibitions. You can explore your love for art here in this beautiful city. If you plan to visit Sydney this holiday season, do […]
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8 Mar
How to Purchase Aboriginal Art Ethically?
There is always the right way to do something or take the wrong way out. It is especially true for buying art which should be done ethically because unethical practices affect indigenous Australian artists, communities, and our economy. What is Aboriginal Art? It can be understood as the paintings, cravings, sculptures and depictions of nature […]
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1 Mar
What Prompts Artists to Create Art?
Ever wondered why some people love creating drawings, painting, sculptures and other forms or art? What compels artists to create art? Many artists were consulted and surprisingly every one of them had different reasons. It is possible you create unique and interactive art for people to be moved by it. Creating or making beautiful art […]
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