28 Jun
Tips to Collect Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal art is indeed provocative, inspirational, and stunningly beautiful. For a lot of people, it is just like an asset. However, it can always feel daunting and overwhelming to enter an art market and invest in certain artworks. When it comes to collecting and investing in art, there are some key things to keep in […]
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1 Apr
5 Inspiring Female Australian Artists You Should Know
The scenario for female painters and creative artists in Australia has changed in the past few years. Earlier, they faced a lot of criticism over their potential, skill set and artistic approach. However, with the constant evolution, women-centric social development and educated society, female artists have been gaining a lot of recognition across Australia, including […]
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27 Feb
Why Buy Original Art?
Over the years, more big retailers like Kmart, Bunnings Warehouse, Amazon Australia and others offer wall art for homes and office. Buying these printed artworks is easy, which is why many home or business owners go for them. However, if you really love art and want support local & budding artists, it is better to […]
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18 Oct
7 Best Art Galleries in Sydney in 2022
Sydney is a creative city with arts from multiple artists belongings to different communities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It is the melting pot of Australia and home to hundreds of art lovers and creators. Therefore, the art scene of Sydney is lit and brimming. Since there are so many excellent galleries in town, it’s common to […]
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15 Jun
Discover the Art and Culture Scene in Sydney
The capital city of New South Wales is renowned for its diversified culture and well-preserved art scene. Sydney is a home to numerous popular art galleries, grand theatres, engaging architecture and top-rated exhibitions. You can explore your love for art here in this beautiful city. If you plan to visit Sydney this holiday season, do […]
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8 Mar
How to Purchase Aboriginal Art Ethically?
There is always the right way to do something or take the wrong way out. It is especially true for buying art which should be done ethically because unethical practices affect indigenous Australian artists, communities, and our economy. What is Aboriginal Art? It can be understood as the paintings, cravings, sculptures and depictions of nature […]
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