8 Mar
How to Purchase Aboriginal Art Ethically?
There is always the right way to do something or take the wrong way out. It is especially true for buying art which should be done ethically because unethical practices affect indigenous Australian artists, communities, and our economy. Many aboriginal art creators have no means to understand the value of their artwork. Thus, they can […]
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1 Mar
What Prompts Artists to Create Art?
Ever wondered why some people love creating drawings, painting, sculptures and other forms or art? What compels artists to create art? Many artists were consulted and surprisingly every one of them had different reasons. Here are some of the reasons that made the most sense and would motivate young art creators. Have a look. It […]
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26 Feb
What Happens In Your Brain When You Make Art?
Children are taught to draw from an early age. They may draw gibberish but this activity is crucial for hand and eye coordination and helps their brain develop. Even in adults art stimulates the brain besides the muscle of the hands and arms. So, what exactly happens in your brain when you make art? Read […]
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