How to Purchase Aboriginal Art Ethically?

How to Purchase Aboriginal Art Ethically?
  • 08-March-2021
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There is always the right way to do something or take the wrong way out. It is especially true for buying art which should be done ethically because unethical practices affect indigenous Australian artists, communities, and our economy.

Many aboriginal art creators have no means to understand the value of their artwork. Thus, they can sell the pieces for low prices, food, and other things. Often people take advantage of their naivety or need. They buy art at almost no cost and sell it later for thousands of dollars. Therefore, here are some pointers to help you know how to purchase art by indigenous Australians. Have a look at them now if you are interested in getting your hands on beautiful aboriginal arts and crafts.

Abide by the Indigenous Art Code

After it was found that artists were paid poorly or with other things of necessary rather than money, there was a senate inquiry in the year 2007 after which the indigenous art code was established. Abiding by the code is voluntary but necessary because it ensures the following.

  • The artist of the aboriginal art understands the terms and conditions of the sale even if they don’t speak or understand English.
  • If the art is being purchased by a dealer then he/she understands the cultural practices of the indigenous people.
  • Artists are never paid for their work with drugs or alcohol.
Contact Reputed Galleries

Want to buy aboriginal art with provenance and quality? Then the best way is to seek the creations in reputed galleries. Always buy them after doing through research and checking documentation of authenticity (provenance) and other required things. Many galleries in Sydney have exhibitions where they showcase works by emerging and established artists several times a year. You can explore collections there and make purchases ethically and legally ensuring the artists and the people who helped the art get displayed get paid deservingly.

Get Them via Community Art Centres

Want to buy aboriginal art by indigenous people responsibly and ethically? Get them from various community art centres in Sydney. These centres are crucial for helping artists showcase their work and get their prices sold at the right prices.

There are community centres that are mobile making them able to get in touch with artists in remote areas and get their hard work appreciated by art lovers across the city and the world.

Don’t Buy Art From Anywhere

There have been instances when people claim to buy art directly from a woman in the mall or down a street. The problem with direct purchasing not from an art centre or gallery is that the art could have been stolen or lost. It’s possible the art was bought by the seller from a poor or desperate aboriginal creator for a fraction of its real price value.

The Bottom Line

Art by indigenous Australians should be bought ethically and it is possible if you follow the tips mentioned above. When you buy aboriginal art ethically, you not only help the creators get the deserving credit but also earn good through their art.

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