Why Buy Original Art?


Why Buy Original Art?

  • 27-February-2023
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Over the years, more big retailers like Kmart, Bunnings Warehouse, Amazon Australia and others offer wall art for homes and office. Buying these printed artworks is easy, which is why many home or business owners go for them. However, if you really love art and want support local & budding artists, it is better to buy original art. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining the definition of original art, the benefits of buying art and where to buy it. Have a look.


What is Original Art?

It is artwork created by hand by an artist and usually showcase a new idea. It can be traditionally made on a canvas with paints or the painting can be printed after the artist created the art using digital tools. These artworks are not mass produced and are limited edition. They can be part of a collection and exhibited in a reckoned art gallery in Sydney or any other region of Australia.


What are the Benefits of Buying Original Art?

Original art is costlier than mass produced artwork because its making process is time-consuming. However, its rewards are much greater than a commercial art piece. What’s more, you can learn so much about the art and culture of a city from its original artworks. Thus, listed below are the reasons why you should buy original art.


  • Better Aesthetics than a Mass Produced Art

Want to have an art that speaks volumes to whoever looks at it? Then buy an original artwork that has aesthetic value and add character to your home or office. Most original  artworks have the ability to draw attention and make elevate the look of any room.


  • You Own a One-of-a-Kind Piece

Originality is one of the prime reasons why original artworks are popular and coveted. When you own an original art, you can proudly say that no one else owns it. There can be copies in the future but the worth of original never diminishes.


  • A Great Conversation Starter

Since most original artworks draw attention, they are also excellent conversation starters. Whether you have guests at home or clients at work, you can tell the story of where you found the art and how you procured it. Additionally, you can talk about the art & artists in person or the details of the artwork.


  • You Create an Emotional Connection

The quality, story, originality and creativity of art help form a strong emotional connection to it. Buying the art work in itself is a financial investment that also increases your attachment to it. Most people who collect art only do so when they feel attraction to artwork and form an instant emotional connection.


  • Great Investment Value

Most great artwork have increasing appreciation value, making them great investments. The art you buy today will have greater monetary value in the coming years. You have to ensure to buy a unique artwork by a popular artist to make the purchase of the piece beneficial in the long run.


Where to Buy Original Art?

You cannot find original art in large retail stores as they stoke printed painting that are mass produced and sold at cheaper prices. Thus, if you plan to buy art by Australian artists, aboriginal art or any other creation by an established artist, here are some places you can find original art.

  • Art Galleries
  • Art Fairs
  • Open Studios
  • On Sale online
  • Craft Fairs
  • Art & Culture Festivals

While buying original art, make sure to support local and emerging artists. You can find a host of gems at local galleries and festivals. These artworks will cost more than the mass-produced pieces of art. Thus, keep an eye out for local events, exhibitions and fairs where artists showcase their original work and put them up for sale.


Wrapping Up

Art looks great in homes and offices. You can buy artwork from big retailers but these are not original and cannot add aesthetic appeal to a room like an original artwork would. Therefore, use this guide to understand the definition of original art, why buy it and where to find original creations by established or emerging artists.


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